A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

I worked with a group of people where we decided on a story for this week's premise. The story is written below which we used from the premise that was provided. I took the idea and implemented a rough animation in Unity.

Concept drawings were provided by Ashley, Izac, me and Willow.

Environment Assets were taken from my past project called The Guardian: https://grenadeable.itch.io/the-guardian

For this week’s work, I created a visual novel in Unity. The theme for this week is Movement. The following details are shown below:


  • He is stuck in one spot while his shadow is free to move around as it pleases (Premise provided by Devika)


  • We think this premise shows great potential in both linear and interactive settings. And we love the idea of a shadow moving at its own will, it gives another level of the playground to the movement - why and how it moves.


  • The shadow of a boy builds something mysteriously at night.


  • At night, the shadow of a sleeping boy starts moving freely at its own will.
  • The shadow extends and opens the door leading to a suspicious basement
  • There are a plethora of horrendous and scary tools in the basement, the shadow picks up a saw
  • Close-up action of the shadow building something, wielding, sewing metal parts, it looks like the shadow is scheming something bad
  • Morning breaks in, the boy wakes up and sits at the edge of the bed, his back looks upset and lonely.
  • The camera orbits to the front, revealing of the boy has both of his legs surgically removed.
  • The boy stares at the shadow of the cut end of the legs for a long time
  • Shadow kicks out the prosthetic legs beneath the bed
  • The boy happily installs the legs and tries to walk again
  • The shadow is also happy to be in touch with the boy again (feet to feet)



Helping_Hand_Windows.zip 341 MB
Helping_Hand_Mac.zip 353 MB


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Oh Woah, didn't expect anyone to post a vid on it on YouTube. Thanks :D