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The Guardian is a 3D side scroller puzzle game set during the Victorian Era, following the story of a seemingly prestigious household family hiding one of its more darker secrets, unfortunately affecting the life of one innocent. One night, an otherworldly creature is summoned to this house to uncover its  dark truth as well as fighting off the "fears" that plague the house, creatures that feed on the household's negativity to give purpose to their physical form. "Fears" being the opposite of what our protagonist, "Courage", exists to be. With a torch to ward off the rats, whom represent the smaller, more minuscule and common fears. The shadows to keep out of the painting fear's watchful eye and Courage's own nimble and quiet nature to escape the grasp of the dolls in the nursery before finally facing the final boss fear hiding beneath the bed of the child and the unfortunate victim of the household's secret cruelty.


Game Build Final.zip 734 MB


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The game has an interesting premise. That much can be said. I just wish the controls were a bit more fleshed out in input command reading. Beyond that, it looks great.

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