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For this week’s work, I created a small visual novel experience in Unity. I explored the idea of using sound in animation/games/interactive experiences. I have to use sound to introduce information that can’t be seen on the screen. I took the idea of diegetic and non-diegetic sounds and worked on it in my game. The game flow by using this premise looks like this:

  • After a long day of work, I crash to bed and call it a day. I turn on the fan as it's a bit warm in the room. I fall into a deep dream, enjoying my apple juice on the ship.
  •  Enjoying the view of the ocean. The captain sounds the horn but it doesn’t sound right. Even the captain is confused.
  • Then the horn gets louder and louder to the point that it's unbearable. I frantically wake up from the dream and I still hear the horn.
  • The fan in my room is faulty and the motor is making that devastating sound. I turn off the fan, open the window and go back to sleep.


Weird_Dream_Mac.zip 91 MB

Install instructions

For Windows: Try to use 7zip to unzip the files

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